Just the two of us…


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This past weekend I attended the LA Million Dog March. It is a march to help raise awareness for dogs and cats who get cancer.

On the flyer I read that there would be games, arts & crafts , kid zone, hound/human lookalike contest, free goodies, etc. As soon as I read the part about the lookalike contest I knew we HAD to go! It just so happen that I bought my little girl a USC tee and matching red bows.

I found my USC tee and well I couldn’t find my bows so I used a red bandana.

We entered and we WON!!! I was so excited!!! I was a little shocked that her and I were the only ones dressed alike. We won some pretty rad prizes. Just thought I’d share this with the world.ImageImageImage



DIY Decorate Tote Bag

DIY Decorate Tote Bag

My friend liked what I did to my mom’s purse and asked if I could do the same for her niece.
What I used:
Canvas tote bag from Michaels- 3 for $9.99
Acrylic Paints
Pencil to outline drawing

I had fun making it. I really want to take a art class. Even though I get requests for my little skull characters, I would really like to learn how to draw.

DIY Hand Painted Purse

I loved this idea that I found on wordpress.com.

What perfect timing too! My mom’s birthday is this Sunday and I wanted to get her something that would make her light up.

After reading a DIY blog I realized that the DIY Hand Painted Purse idea is BRILLIANT!

I jumped in my car and drove to the nearest thrift store “Out of the Closet”. I purchased a black leather purse for $2.75.

What I used:

1- Medium Black Purse- I picked a leather bag..which eve after sanding it a couple of times I had to paint at least 3 coats to get some get color. My camera phone doesn’t do this photo any justice.

2- Sand Paper – You will use this to sand down the area you wish to paint

3- Acrylic Paint- any color you wish to use

4- paint brushes

This is my “masterpiece”

I tried to make some brown low lights in her hair lol.

movin’ on up!!!

I was positive that I moved into a great neighborhood.

I found myself blasting some lagwagon and Sam Cooke, singing out loud to Betty and the crew while tanning on my porch. Mind you I never did that at my last place.

But! Today when I opened my mailbox and notice the ads I was reassured people!!

Today July 10,2012 I received my very first Gelsons Market ad! Sounds petty but I’m stoked.

July 1, 2012

On this lovely Sunday morning, Marlow & Betty White had 3 adorable babies.

Between the hours of 7am-8:30am, Stabler, Benson & Fin arrived.

We had been preparing for this day for the past 2 months. I had been researching everything I need to know for my baby’s BIG day. Our living room looked like a sleep over because we had blankets and towels laid out for the birth.

That morning when my boyfriend hollered from the bed ” Candace is she with you?” I replied “No” which was odd because my baby follows me everywhere. She is my shadow.

My bf shouts ” it’s happening!” I rush to the room and where is my baby? Under my bed. Now, I knew she might go under the bed, so I had a blanket on the floor for her. Did she use it? Absolutely not.She crawled into my shoe organizer and proceeded to have her babies on top of my 3 favorite pairs of tennis : 1 pair of blue converse, 1 BRAND NEW pair of white converse, 1 pair of gray and green Nike shoes that I LOVE and have only worn maybe 5 times in the last 3 years I have owned them.

I was upset. But, looking at my little girl beginning to nurture her babies brought me to tears. I love my furkid.